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Miss Hybrid, loves sexy babes wearing latex leather pvc stockings pantyhose corsets boots heels

Miss Hybrid had received the invite to Lady Ashbys London home for a weekend of shopping. There had been a mutual attraction between the ladies a few weeks earlier at the manor. When Lord B had invited Lord Ashby and his wife over for dinner. But nothing had happened as no opportunity had arose between the two ladies to be alone. Miss Hybrid had decided this weekend shopping was an ideal time to make her move. The good lady was generous with her tip for the black cab driver as they stopped outside Lady Ashby’s Chelsea home. The front door opened as the good lady approached. She was greeted by the lady of the house. Who immediately said. “I’ve been waiting for you” and winked slowly. Miss Hybrid replied “are we shopping? Or playing?” Lady Ashby said “we’re playing you know that’s why you’re here” and shut the door. “Leave your case there Miss Hybrid I want to show you my dungeon.” Miss Hybrid “oh yes please!” Lady Ashby was very athletic with a firm figure and 34c breasts. Miss Hybrid followed her through the vast house to a door that Lady Ashby informed her she was the only one who had a key to it. She then opened and led down some stairs. Miss Hybrid’s eyes lit up when she saw the Sybian and rack. There were toys of pleasure all around this room of wonder. “Now as you’re at my place Miss I think you should obey me and do as I ask.” Lady Ashby said with a hint of menace.

Miss Hybrid legs nylons

“Now strip please Miss Hybrid we don’t want to ruin your clothes do we?” Miss Hybrid said “great idea I’m normally in control are you in charge today?” “Oh yes and you’ll love it now strip.” Miss Hybrid complied almost trembling with anticipation. Lady Ashby also striped and eyed Miss Hybrid’s marvellous naked body. She could not keep her eyes off Miss Hybrids semi erect nipples. “Stand over there by that cross and raise your arms please.” Miss Hybrid noticed the cross had manacles and knew where her wrists would be placed. She said ” just here ok?” And allowed Lady Ashby to shackle her not too tight but enough to restrain.

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They then kissed passionately and the lady said “I’m going to pleasure you like you’ve never been pleasured before and started to lick Miss Hybrid all over. Miss Hybrid moaned with pleasure as the lady tweaked and sucked on her now fully erect nipples. That were standing out and throbbing. “These nipples need attention” said Lady Ashby. “Yes they do. Do what you want with me.” she whispered. Lady Ashby nodded and went to cupboard. She opened the door and got out a set of nipple clamps “do you want these?” she groaned “please,please oh yes please.” Her nipples were now almost aching in trepidation. Lady Ashby walked over and opened the first clamp. The clamp was adjustable and looked heavy. She pulled Miss Hybrids left nipple and said. “Enjoy this” as she tightened the clamp. Miss Hybrid squealed as the pain then pleasure ripped through her. Lady Ashby then clasped her right nipple between her teeth and gently let go before tightening the next clamp and tugging on the clamps chain. Miss Hybrid orgasamed on the spot……….To be continued!

Miss Hybrid and sexy babes wearing latex leather pvc stockings pantyhose corsets boots heels

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Busty mistress boots corset

Busty mistress boots corset, nylons, gloves

Busty mistress boots corset

I sit by the fireplace wearing my matching leopard boots, corset, gloves, knickers and chair! Gggrrrrr! It’s snowing and far too cold outside to go on the prowl. As I sip on an aged brandy, I quickly find myself in the mood for relaxing and warming up, as the old familiar flush spreads across my cheeks. In fact there is a roaring fire between my thighs which adds to the glow. So my pussy is warm and wet again in no time! I play with my stainless steel butt plug that is wedged firmly in my ass and a handy, long candle which I soon ram up my pierced pussy. Such a shame that you were not here to join me. There’s plenty of room on my sheepskin rug for a few more of my bestboys…

Busty mistress boots corset, nylons, gloves

Busty mistress boots corset, nylons, gloves

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Busty Corset Fully Fashioned Nylons

Busty corset fully fashioned nylons, stockings, heels

Busty corset fully fashioned nylons and high heels. How do you think I look, do you like the red nylons and black corset, would you like to come on my fully fashioned nylon stocking tops? Come in have a look and see the how much fun I have, I love it, the feel of the nylons on my legs and the reaction it gets if I choose to show a bit of stocking top. I always get soaked thinking of hot spunk squirting onto my stocking tops.

Busty corset fully fashioned nylons, stockings, heels

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