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The Vintage English Rose

Strict English Lady Miss Hybrid

Strict English Lady

Strict English Lady Miss Hybird

I lift up her skirt to reveal her panty covered bum. She puts her hands on her bum cheeks and pulls them apart, showing me the little brown eye under the see through material. I put my tongue on her panties just above her bum hole and push down. I can feel the tip of my tongue against her tight puckered arsehole. Again, I push against the fabric and feel my panty covered tongue enter her. Now she pulls her panties down to her knees, allowing my probing tongue free access to her back door. As I push my tongue further up into her, I put three fingers back into her pussy and start sliding them in and out. My other hand feels for her clit and starts rubbing it. She moans out load and orders “Get that tongue in deeper”. I stretch my tongue to it’s limits inside her, and continue pumping my fingers in and out of her soaking wet gash. Without any warning, she pulls forward and turns over. I suck her pussy juices from my fingers as she tells me “I want you to stick your fingers up my arse and get that prehensile tongue of yours to work on my cunt”.

Strict English Lady MisshHybrid

The Strict English Lady panties are pulled back up and then pulled to the side. I kneel down and put my mouth over her pussy – my tongue exploring every part, in and out. Meanwhile, I rub my finger against her pursed arse and then slowly push it inside. She is absolutely soaking now, and I lubricate my fingers in my mouth with a mix of her juices and my saliva. I slip a second and then a third finger into her welcoming bum hole. Another shudder, a groan and then, she commands “take off your trousers”. I slowly slip my fingers from her – “Wait” she says. She sits up, takes my hand and sucks each finger clean. Miss H stand up, leans forward and I put my hands out to squeeze her luscious mammaries. She slaps my hands away – “Did I tell you to do that?” she demands. I mumble out a quick “No Miss, Sorry Miss”.

Strict English Lady

She stands back against the desk and starts to unbutton her blouse. She gets to the last button and opens it up. “Now suck on my nipples” she demands. I reach up again to touch her bountiful boobs, but am again slapped down. “No hands”. I lean forward and take her left nipple into my mouth, my tongue playing with the erect button. By now, my cock is really straining against my flies, and I let out a stifled moan. “Other side” she says, so I move over to her right tit and begin suckling that one.

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Baby-Doll and see-through vintage stockings

Misshybrid vintage mesh stockings see-through baby-doll

Wearing my see-through Baby-Doll with vintage mesh stockings. I love looking all sweet and innocent in my baby-pink nylons and matching baby-doll. I know exactly how see through my layers will be as I stand in front of my patio doors. The sunlight totally revealing my naked form and pussy lips. The vintage, mesh, RHT nylons give my legs a beautiful sheen. How long before your gaze travels up my legs, stockings, bare thighs and lands upon a much warmer inviting place. Well if I was to bend over it would be rude for you not to have a little peek, now wouldn’t it?

Misshybrid vintage mesh stockings see-through baby-doll

Misshybrid vintage mesh stockings see-through baby-doll

Vintage English Rose Blossom

Vintage English Rose

Vintage English stockings for The Kinky English Lady in her rose garden

I love tending my flowers in the garden. There is always lots to do and very demanding gardeners to keep exercised.

Vintage English Rose Blossom, Miss Hybrid, nylons, pantyhose

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